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Whatz up yall?
Sum of yall may know me from getN my start on
Youtube back N 07 as Jewelz2024 from there
Dailymotion, myspace,Rude and tha lizt goez
on,shyt waz poppN so Much I built A website itz(Down Now)and on
Own,I did that 3 years then fell back,well Im
yall!! & Readi to put in work ,im on mi grynd
will b tha after hourz Shut It DWn jump-off
spot!!,Just Got Back N The Game ,Done got a few
tatz ,pln on getting more(phoeniX on mi Back)I
gained a few poundz and getting more creative
bodi who know me and seen my vidz you can see
growth,from when i startd till Now.
I do all my editN Myself alwayz have along with
cuming up wit New creative Ideaz I take pride N
WoRk & for all the ones who missed me!!!? ,Az u
can see i didnt go far, 4 ThA onez who Dnt Know
About Jewelz,check me out!!$$
yez I do get kinda Nazti and carried away N mi
Vidz,but Im No Inspiring pornstar im creative
have a passion for what I Do Itz a $$$ making

knw,cuz sum of yall dont like to see men in my
videoz,but thatz Not gonna stop Me becuz I
alot of yall that Dnt Mynd & Enjoi it
pleeze em all!

Take a look at my preview videos,even look me
on ,Facebook 4 picz



of corse Cum Here for all the latest
Hottezt teases and videoz
Which from Tyme to tyme I do Drop sum 4 free
4Get about Tha Fanz
Notice: That I will be Posting every week BY
DATE BELOW if not b4 so imma try and be
bout when i say im going to pozt.
NEXT UPDATE 5-5-2014)
Name Change?
sum of yall may or may not realize i been
mi name the deeper i get Into thiz thang,I
out az Jewelz2024 N 06 then
N 07,Itzlikecandibabi N 09,Jewelz cannon N 010-
And Now...wait 4 It...
Jewelz Jaleeza PhoeniX!! startN Now But
on Nov.10 (Mi Birthday)
Why? whtz up with all the Name chanegz,why i
juzt stick to one damn name and be happi ,well
cuz I got monei on mi mynd and im alwayz on my
Im alwayz trying to improve myself
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Pussi up Pink and Black stripez PT.2 Five St*r  Chick Lick Mi Pretti Kitti Get It preview jewelz booty shaking video: 29-11-2011-08-07-50-Tease.mp4 Str8 Azz CLAPN Video make luv preview Happi Thanx GiveN Take me Purple ToweL (climax) Free Jewelz jaleeza PhoenixX introduction vid Like I do mi zone my skin Butt Naked (Outside Pt2) They Dont Know thiz aint no regular Party Happi Thanx GiveN make luv slow D.T.F She DanceN Like she FuckN Im tha realizt!!! Sorpio vid nice and slow cum on Wet LIKE Tha Ocean2 Brown Drezz (U know U Want Me) Birthday Suit tonight,wit u BabI Dat Pussi Numb FaiTH N Me!! If I go Krazi would you still call me  superwoman twirk dat ass Rackz 911 (play Play pt.2) Pink and Black Stripez PT.1 (super Freak) im tha sure thang n shower azz clapzN (request) WET WET PhatAzz pt.2 Gud Fuck'N Night

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