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Jewelz Time
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Whatz up yall?
Sum of yall may know me from getN my start on
Youtube back N 07 as Jewelz2024 from there
Dailymotion, myspace,Rude and tha lizt goez
on,shyt waz poppN so Much I built A website itz(Down Now)and on
Own,I did that 3 years then fell back,well Im
yall!! & Readi to put in work ,im on mi grynd
will b tha after hourz Shut It DWn jump-off
spot!!,Just Got Back N The Game ,Done got a few
tatz ,pln on getting more(phoeniX on mi Back)I
gained a few poundz and getting more creative
bodi who know me and seen my vidz you can see
growth,from when i startd till Now.
I do all my editN Myself alwayz have along with
cuming up wit New creative Ideaz I take pride N
WoRk & for all the ones who missed me!!!? ,Az u
can see i didnt go far, 4 ThA onez who Dnt Know
About Jewelz,check me out!!$$
yez I do get kinda Nazti and carried away N mi
Vidz,but Im No Inspiring pornstar im creative
have a passion for what I Do Itz a $$$ making

knw,cuz sum of yall dont like to see men in my
videoz,but thatz Not gonna stop Me becuz I
alot of yall that Dnt Mynd & Enjoi it
pleeze em all!

Take a look at my preview videos,even look me
on ,Facebook 4 picz



of corse Cum Here for all the latest
Hottezt teases and videoz
Which from Tyme to tyme I do Drop sum 4 free
4Get about Tha Fanz
Notice: That I will be Posting every week BY
DATE BELOW if not b4 so imma try and be
bout when i say im going to pozt.
NEXT UPDATE 5-5-2014)
Name Change?
sum of yall may or may not realize i been
mi name the deeper i get Into thiz thang,I
out az Jewelz2024 N 06 then
N 07,Itzlikecandibabi N 09,Jewelz cannon N 010-
And Now...wait 4 It...
Jewelz Jaleeza PhoeniX!! startN Now But
on Nov.10 (Mi Birthday)
Why? whtz up with all the Name chanegz,why i
juzt stick to one damn name and be happi ,well
cuz I got monei on mi mynd and im alwayz on my
Im alwayz trying to improve myself
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